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PCS Announces Ultimate Sub-Zero

PCS Announces Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Sub-Zero Statue

Product Pre-order Launches May 20th | PCSC Exclusive Version Also Available

Do you feel a chill during the warm spring weather?…that can only mean one thing: SUB-ZERO IS HERE! Pop Culture Shock is proud to present the latest entry into it’s 1/4th scale statue line, based on the icy brawler Sub-Zero as he appeared in the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

As is the standard for all PCS collectibles, this 1/4th statue features intricate sculpted details, sure to inspire a fatality. Again, due to fan-demand, the standard edition will be available at all regular retail channels. For those customers wanting a bit extra, an exclusive version will be available ONLY via PCSC’s website. The exclusive includes 4 sets of extra arms, allowing customers to switch between regular arms and “icy” appendages.

And if you are wishing to pit Sub-Zero against a foe, there is limited stock of Scorpion available.

Mortal Kombat Klassic SUB-ZERO 1:4 Scale Statue – PCS Exclusive Edition

  • Manufactured by  Pop Culture Shock Collectible
  • Price: US $ 335.00
  • Strictly limited to 200 pieces
  • 19″ tall
  • Est. Ship Date: 4th Qtr 2013
  • Item Status: PRE-ORDER Begins May 20th at 3PM Pacific Time
  • Includes exclusive swappable “ice arms” and regular arms

PRE-ORDER begins promptly at 3PM PST on Monday May 20th CLICK HERE!


Mortal Kombat Klassic SUB-ZERO 1:4 Scale Statue 

  • Manufactured by Pop Culture Shock Collectible
  • Price: US $ 325.00
  • Strictly limited to 300 pieces
  • 19″ tall
  • Est. Ship Date: 4th Qtr 2013
  • Available for pre-order from finer specialty retailers

The statue will be up for pre-order at 3pm PST on May 20th, tune into the PSCS facebook page for more info.  To stay up to date on PCSC Mortal Kombat News,  subscribe to our newsletter by sending an email to Newsletter@PCSToy.com with the subject line “MK Newsletter”.

- See more at: http://www.popcultureshocktoys.com/2013/05/pop-culture-shock-collectibles-announces-ultimate-mortal-kombat-3-sub-zero-statue/#sthash.56BHHIE1.dpuf

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