Saturday mornings in the 1980’s were amazing times to be a kid. Every week the colorful adventures of your favorite heroes and villains were broadcast right into your living room, and in 1983 the classic tabletop game DUNGEONS & DRAGONS added its own animated series to that storied lineup.
The series followed the adventures of six children, thrust into a realm of fantastic monsters and magic by way of an enchanted roller coaster in their local amusement park. In this realm, they meet the kindly Dungeon Master who bestows upon each of them a magical weapon they can use in their quest to find the way back home.
Standing in the way of the young adventurers is the evil wizard, Venger. An imposing figure with bat-like wings, Venger is immensely powerful and will stop at nothing to rule the realm of Dungeons & Dragons!


Edition Size: 400

Aprx Dimensions: 24.5" (62 cm) H x 15″ (38 cm)W x 17″ (43 cm)D

Art Director : Joe Allard & Josh Gara

Concept Design : Joe Allard

Sculpture : Rocco Tartamella

Paints : Andrea Coleman



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