Cthulhu - Faux Bronze Ex

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Deep below the ocean's surface waits a horror of unspeakable magnitude. A creature capable not only of great destruction, but one seemingly able to tear the very fabric of reality asunder, leaving those in its path reeling in a state of madness not of this world! To gaze upon this monstrosity is to forfeit ones sanity, and now, PCS Collectibles dares you to invite this fiend into your home, to enter...H.P. Lovecraft's Museum of Madness!

Cthulhu is the first in a line of new statues based on the creations of the great H.P. Lovecraft. Each piece in this line will bring to life one of Lovecraft's twisted visions as only PCS Collectibles can, utilizing a combination of traditional sculpting techniques and the latest in digital technology. PCS Collectibles' Cthulhu is a must have for any true Lovecraft aficionado!

PCS Bronze Exclusive features a Faux Bronze finish and no LED features for a classic look befitting any Lovecraft fans home library. 

Editions Size: 50 

Aprx 22" (56cm) tall

Art Director : Jerry Macaluso

Concept Design : Conceptopolis

Sculpture : Joe 'Dopepope' Lucchese & Hector Arce

Paints : Bobby Sutton & Hector Arce

Products specifications
License H.P. Lovecraft's Museum of Madness
Scale Legendary
Status Pre-order
Type Full Polystone
Character Cthulhu