Green Ranger 1:4 -Dragonzord Ex

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When the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers burst onto television screens in 1993, they were five brightly colored heroes led by the valiant Red Ranger, but it wasn't long before a sixth ranger was introduced. Initially a villain, the Green Ranger stole the show, and his evolution into a hero and eventual leader of the Power Rangers team remains the series most popular storyline.
With his dynamic martial arts moves and the incredible Dragonzord at his command, the Green Ranger’s popularity with the fan community soared to a level unmatched to this day. Now, PCS Collectibles is proud to offer a 1:4 scale Green Ranger statue that features a level of detail and precision never before seen in a Power Rangers collectible. This incredible piece was created using a combination of digital and traditional sculpting to create a figure that seems to have leapt right off the television screen!

The PCS "Dragonzord" Exclusive includes:

  • Exclusive Dragonzord Base
  • 1 Dragon Dagger right arm
  • 1 Sword of Darkness right arm
  • 1 set of swap out Dragon Flute arms
  • 2 sets of swap out Dragon Armor
  • 2 swap out Dragon Dagger sheaths

Edition Size: 193 

Aprx Dimensions: 25″ (61cm) H x 31″ (79cm) W x 21″ (53cm) D

Art Director : Jerry Macaluso

Concept Design : Edwin Huang & Conceptopolis

Sculpture : Justin McMillan & Hector Arce

Paints : Mike Najera & Hector Arce

Products specifications
License Power Rangers
Scale 1:4
Status Pre-order
Type Full Polystone
Type Exclusive
Character Green Ranger