M.Bison Lifesize Bust – Player 2 Ex

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Physically incapable of feeling empathy for others, not only have the many atrocities committed in M. Bison’s name resulted in mass suffering, but that suffering actually brings him pleasure. If Ryu is the clear-eyed protagonist of the Street Fighter franchise — the "Captain America" — M. Bison, the ruthless, unforgiving fascist dictator is it’s Red Skull. 

Except ruling the world with an iron fist is not enough for Master Bison. Nor are the doomsday weapons he has deployed over 7 major cities around the globe, or the teenage assassin girls he has trained as his bodyguards. No, Bison will not be satisfied until he is universally regarded as the most powerful martial artist of all time. 

Based on skills alone, this arrogance is seemingly justified, as simultaneously taking out multiple opponents barely raises Lord Bison's pulse. But when energizing himself using his Psycho Power to feed off the fear, anger and hatred of others, he is all but unstoppable. 

As the one character within the world of the Street Fighter games who has indeed erected life-sized statues of himself, Bison was an obvious choice to receive the PCS treatment, but until now, technology and production techniques would not have done him proper justice.

“I have to admit, I wasn’t sure when we would do another 1:1 Street Fighter bust,” PCS President and sculptor Jerry Macaluso revealed to us. “I mean, the last one we did won awards, and our fans called it a Masterpiece. It would have been easy enough to do a simple human character, but we don’t do easy here. Whatever followed up Akuma needed to be equally exceptional, because he cast a long shadow. And it turns out that’s exactly where the answer was: Shadaloo. M. Bison provided us opportunities to keep innovating, and we raised the bar even higher. He’s a synthesis of so much we are capable of doing now, and I think the result is another showstopper.”

Once again, Pop Culture Shock Collectibles has blazed a new trail, providing their fans with the level of craftsmanship and ingenuity they have come to associate with the PCS logo. From his cosplay-ready hat with sculpted military pin to his glowing, Psycho Power eyes to his mouth full of genuine acrylic teeth, the PCS Life-size M. Bison bust has put the industry on notice that the standards have changed once more.

- 27" (69cm) H x 24" (61cm) W
- Limited to 100 pieces
- SRP $949.99
- Estimated ship date February 2019 - April 2019
- Includes hand crafted polystone with cloth tailoring in black and LED eyes that change color from white to purple. Certificate of Authenticity.

Products specifications
License Street Fighter
Scale 1:1
Type Bust
Status Wait List
Type Exclusive