Michael Myers 1:3

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HALLOWEEN hit theaters in 1978 and was a runaway hit, setting the stage for a decade full of slasher films trying to recreate the sheer terror audiences felt when they were first introduced to Michael Myers. 

The success of HALLOWEEN was thanks in large part to Myers, the silent stalking figure, clad in faded coveralls and a haunting white mask who prowled the streets of a small town in Illinois. This archetype resonated so well with audiences that film makers have been going back to it for decades. Not only has the HALLOWEEN franchise seen numerous successful sequels and remakes, films like Friday the 13th, The Prowler and more recently the Scream franchise all pay homage to John Carpenter's classic. 

Now, PCS Collectibles returns to Haddonfield, IL to share our own take on that first terrible night. The night he came home. 

The Michael Myers 1:3 Scale Statue features a custom tailored real fabric costume. 

- 32" (81 cm) H x 13″ (33 cm)W x 13″ (33 cm)D
- Est Ship Date: Feb 2020
- Edition Size : 300

- Includes :

  • Polystone figure
  • Mixed Media Costume
  • Sculpted Head with Mixed Media Hair
  • Sculpted Head with Sculpted Hair
  • Real Metal Knife
  • Staircase Base
  • Certificate of Authenticity



Products specifications
License Halloween
Scale 1:3
Status Pre-order
Type Mixed Media
Character Green Ranger