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First appearing in the British comics magazine 2000AD , Slaine tells the story of a celtic warrior cast out by his tribe and forced to make his way in the harsh world beyond. He quickly befriends a dwarf named Ukko, and together they travel the fantastic landscape battling monsters and rogues and even rescuing the occasional maiden. 

Over the last 30 years Slaine has continued to hack and slash his way through the pages of 2000AD, cementing his place as one of the pillars of that franchise alongside Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog.

PCS Collectibles is proud to present the Slaine 1:4 Scale Statue. Depicting the Celtic Berserker leaping forward, his trusty Brainbiter Axe poised to strike! This 72cm tall work of art was lovingly sculpted by Caleb Nefzen and hand painted by Mike Najera. 

The PCS Exclusive includes:

  • Polystone Figure
  • Swap Out 'Brainbiter' Axe
  • Swap Out Excaliburr Sword
  • Highly Detailed Battlefield Diorama Base
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Edition Size: 100 

Aprx Dimensions: 28.5" (72cm) H x 13″ (33 cm)W x 21″ (53 cm)D

Art Director : Jerry Macaluso

Sculpture : Caleb Nefzen

Paints : Mike Najera

Products specifications
License Judge Dredd
Scale 1:4
Status Pre-order
Type Full Polystone
Type Exclusive
Character Slaine